Lintra - The Benefits of IMI Norgren's Range of Rodless Cylinders Explained


The concept of a compressed air product with a split down its length may seem unworkable, but these quality designed and manufactured products fulfil many applications unsuitable for other types of actuator.

This article explains these uses and the benefits of the IMI Norgren range of rodless cylinders.

Where do they score over other types?

Rodless actuators, or cylinders, contain the movement produced within the overall length of the cylinder body; thus, particularly for long stroke lengths where buckling may be a complication for piston actuators, these products offer a much more stable solution.

Strokes of up to 8.5 metres are available for 16mm to 40mm bores; 8 metres for 50mm and 63mm bores and 5.5 metres for 80mm bores. Further, they can operate at higher speeds than conventional cylinders. So, objects can be transported over larger distances in an acceptable time frame.

What are the particular benefits of the Lintra range?

Our range of double acting cylinders is amongst the widest and most comprehensive offer of rodless actuators available. The range covers light to heavy duty applications, the latter being served by the precision roller guide (maximum stroke 3 metres). Still quite unique are the integrated guides housed in the main extrusion and the user-friendly sealing strip reducing significantly the risk of injury due to sharp edges.

What else about the Lintra range?

The seal also gives extremely low static leakage values when in use and improved dust protection can meet ATEX requirements. Slots in the extrusion allow use of the IMI Norgren M/50 series switch and grooves accept industry-standard aluminium machine building systems. Common parts used between the versions enable consistency of design across all machine functions, reduce spare parts holding and provide ease of maintenance. Overall our range offers responsive, reliable operation of up to 6,000 km of travel

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